Cambodia Wedding Practices

11 - 04 - 2022

Getting married in Cambodia is a grand and happy event. The ceremony includes several rituals that take place throughout the day. The wedding ceremony is usually accompanied by music and dancing. There is also a feast to follow along with the marriage ceremony.

The marriage service in Cambodia starts with the retraite of the bridegroom and family to the bride’s house. At the ceremony, the family agent invokes the ancestors to observe over the new member.

The wedding couple sit at the altar and the family lawyer introduces the couple to their ancestors. The ancestors encourage good habit and reward obedience with their rules.

The family lawyer also introduces the few to the groom’s family. They will usually procure the bride’s dowry. The groom’s relatives will also add.

The groom’s family sitting on one part of the stand, the bride’s family on the other. The bride’s family will often pay for the marriage, but the groom’s family may also contribute economically.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a Buddhist monk conducts the ceremony. The monks roulade blessings and sprinkle normal water on the wedding party relationship with vietnamese woman guests.

The bride and groom change their very own clothing many times during the commemoration. The bride is normally dressed in a traditional Cambodian outfit. Men may wear long-sleeved dress a vital and skirts. Ladies are allowed to utilize dresses and skirt as well.

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The couple can then be dressed in a mild blue and gold outfit, which signifies their fresh position for the reason that husband and wife. The couple afterward kneels down to hold a sheathed sword. The blade symbolizes the groom’s duty to protect the star of the event.